Monday, January 18, 2010


I haven't posted anything for several days because I'll be honest, my weekend was incredibly uneventful (yet also unstressful so that's always nice). I had a good long list of things I needed to accomplish and out of about 12 I managed to get 2 done; I've always been a master procrastinator. Unfortunately, that means that most of today I will be playing catch-up (which I should be used to by now) on all of my reading and written work for this upcoming week. I was hoping to mark some more things off my list but I always forget that MLK is actually a recognized holiday (although I don't know why b/c I don't recall there being any holidays for a white guy minus the random president's holidays which no one but the USPS celebrates...just saying) and therefore many places I needed to go are closed. I'll just keep adding to the list.

I am looking forward to tomorrow; it's my first day of psychiatric clinicals and my group goes to an actual mental hospital...which makes me both excited and nervous (I mean, I have no clue how to handle a schizophrenic quite yet). Hopefully our faculty there knows that and doesn't turn us loose before we're able to handle it.

For today though...much reading to do. And some more shredding (day 3 in a row...yay me!).

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