Friday, January 15, 2010


eating: salmon and cream cheese on ritz crackers- i know, not very organic especially since the salmon is farm raised. i just didn't feel the urge to drive across town to the fresh market and spend $10 on one serving's worth. i'm poor, can't afford that

feeling: frustrated. and really, really tired. i'm finally getting my thyroid levels checked in 2 weeks. i can't figure out any other reason why i'm always sleepy (since i know i'm not depressed) but last weekend i slept 15 hours straight friday night. that can't be healthy

listening: to harrison eating (like he does so often). the tv. my computer fan

watching: bones

reading: dear john by nicolas sparks...although about 2 pages in i realized i've read it before but thanks to my super-early onset alzheimer's i don't remember what happens anyways

loving: that i don't have class for 3 days

disliking: the freezing cold outside. it made it up to 60 degrees this afternoon but only briefly...and i'm dreading my next electric bill b/c the heat has been working so hard.

thinking: i'm really not wanting to start med-surg clinicals next wed. i was looking forward to the unit i'm on and i like my fellow clinical members but i'm not fond of my instructor and her nazi ways and i'm not taking out the trash

hoping: the people in haiti can get the aid they need, especially the medical care. that place is insanely poor and rampant with dieases and that can only get worse at this point

wishing: that i was headed to haiti to help instead of stuck in school not accomplishing half as much as i could there. i may not be an RN yet but i could probably figure out a lot which is what they need. actually, they could use any help. i can't wait until i am a full-time nurse and can volunteer with doctors without borders or something...something useful

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