Friday, January 29, 2010


eating: reese's peanut butter cup cookie dough...yes, i know it's not organic!

feeling: tired. i think i slept a total of 15 hours the entire week

listening: the cat fountain. a movie playing

watching: neverwas

reading: med-surg, psych, gerontology, blah blah blah

loving: that i don't have class for 3 days

disliking: the freezing cold outside. they claim it's going to snow through tomorrow night. we will wait and see if that happens (although it is already snowing in raleigh)

thinking: i really need to clean my house. like a lot. and shave my cat. i'm tired of the shedding

hoping: that haiti can still get the help they need. that i can find a roommate to move in in time to keep the mortgage covered. that i'd win the lottery

wishing: that i could sleep for the next 3 days straight...and that it snows for stetson's sake

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