Saturday, January 9, 2010


eating : nothing. i try not to eat when i'm on the computer. klutziness. i am enjoying some green tea though.

feeling : lazy. i was planning to spend the day like my dog...laying around, drinking water, eating occasionally, and using the restroom...but i lost interest around 1pm. i had to get up and move all the way to the sofa.

listening : the washing machine. the humidifier. the tv.

watching : how i met your mother season 4 on dvd.

reading: southern vampire mysteries #6. very addictive. love the books.

loving: that spring is closer than it was last month. netflix.

disliking: that school is back in session.

thinking : i do need to clean...but i really would rather not. besides, my dog doesn't clean and i'm doing my best to shadow him today...although he doesn't type on the internet either.

hoping : this semester isn't too bad.

wishing : that everything would work out the way it's meant to.

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