Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Med-Surg Orientation

Today was my second day of orientation, this time in med-surg. I don't yet know how I'm going to feel about my clinical instructor, but I do know that I have no intention of taking out the trash in all of my patients' rooms. Just saying. I will wipe butts, scrub penises, and clean up vomit but a girl has got to drawn the line somewhere. And that somewhere is taking out the trash which is what my instructor thinks we will be doing.

As for the hospital, I'm looking forward to the unit we're going to be on. It's a brand new building and I cannot believe how NICE the patient rooms are. Every patient has their own room, which is about the size of my master bedroom/bathroom, and includes hardwood floors, wooden cabinets and counters, and 2 flat screen TV's. Yes, TWO flat screen TV's. If it wasn't so expensive I would move into the hospital.

Speaking of hospital (and expensive), my bum student insurance company finally finished dealing with my ER bill from last July (kidney stone) and I have been blessed with a $315 bill. That's a bit higher than I was hoping for but I guess since the total bill was $1200 then I'm NOT having to pay for a good amount of that. But still...$1200 for a 3 hour visit that included nothing other than pain meds and a urinalysis? Really? No wonder people buy Dilaudid on the black market. That's just absurd. Healthcare is absurd.

Speaking of healthcare...I'm in the wrong career. The other day the weathermen all predicted snow. The schools had 2 hour delays before a flake ever fell which I guess is how you know you live in NC. Regardless, no snow fell. Like, nowhere. Period. It hardly even sprinkled here for an hour or so. And what did those same weathermen say? "Well, we predicted snow...and it CAME...but b/c the atmosphere blah blah blah the snow never made it to the ground. So although we were right no one ever saw it." Lame ass excuse. Again, just saying. Let me point out that in my career if you do something wrong you may get sued, fired, or kill a person. If you're a weatherman though, you can predict everything wrong, bullshit your way out of the fact that you were wrong, and life goes on. No lives destroyed, no money lost. Yeah, wrong career.

Speaking of lives destroyed, if I could afford to go down to Haiti to help after the earthquake I definitely would. Unfortunately, the nursing faculty are busy driving me (and my fellow students) into an early grave and my bank account only has a few dimes left in it. Sometimes I really miss having a full time job...oh and freedom. I was reminded today that I have none of that left either as long as nursing school owns my ass.

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