Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking on the bright side

I saw this on another blog I's an "attempt" to look at the good side of every bad thing I want to complain about (hey now, I'm trying for some optimism in 2010!). So here goes my first attempt!

Bad thing: School is a pain in the ass
Good thing: I'm working towards a degree with multiple job opportunities and plenty of room to grow

Bad thing: I can't really afford my mortgage and that stresses me out
Good thing: I have a nice house that provides a roof over my head and heating/AC and I can always find a roommate...and eventually I can sell it

Bad thing: It's too cold outside to do anything
Good thing: Every day of coldness is one day closer to warmness

Bad thing: I'm not getting married anymore...and all of my friends are (or at least it seems that way)
Good thing: I learned a lot more about myself, what I want, and what I can and cannot handle

Bad thing: I seem to have developed seasonal depression
Good thing: It'll go away when the season does

Bad thing: I'm super lazy
Good thing: I've read a lot of good books while sitting on my bum doing nothing else

Bad thing: I don't have dental insurance and I don't have good teeth
Good thing: I think I'll look kickass with brand new day

Bad thing: My car is a gas guzzling environmental pollutant
Good thing: It's roomy, comfortable, rides smooth, and deer won't go through the windshield

Bad thing: Organic food costs way too much considering we should all be trying to eat healthier
Good thing: I eat less b/c I can't afford to eat more...weightloss solution in itself

Bad thing: My cats are annoying and stinky
Good thing: I love them anyways

Bad thing: I'm about to turn 30 and I haven't accomplished jack
Good thing: Well, at least I don't LOOK 30

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  1. First of all, I didn't realize your plans changed (as far as getting married). Second, way to go for being positive! I really enjoyed this post.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy early birthday :)


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