Thursday, January 7, 2010

It begins again...

...well, the semester does anyways. Tomorrow classes start back up and although I began to get antsy over the break with not much to do, I don't necessarily want to go back to school just yet (or ever). I'm not really looking forward to the classes I have this semester even though I'm hoping psychiatric nursing might be something I enjoy. I've ruled out every other field I've tried so far and I'm quickly running out of options (and honestly, I was actually enjoying OB in the beginning until the scary catheter insertion).

Either way, classes start up tomorrow morning at 8am as long as it doesn't snow (haha, right) and luckily my first one tomorrow is my only one. Yay though for having a 3 day weekend this semester (no classes on Monday). I do think this semester will be kind of challenging since Med-Surg is supposedly the hardest class at ANY nursing school but I'm looking forward to that part at least because I don't feel like I learned jack last semester. No, I'm positive I did NOT learn anything last semester. Except for lochia. I've got lochia down. Sigh.

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