Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Healthy Changes

Over the past year I've slowly become more and more intent on switching over to a healthier lifestyle. Granted, I haven't really succeeded so far but since a new year is starting there's no better time to try again. One of the things I'm most interested in is switching over to more organic and natural foods and using those to actually cook with. Now, I don't exactly have a ton of time on my hands since I'm still in nursing school, but I bought two cookbooks recently in hopes of at least trying a few new recipes. One is by a cook that has a show on Food Network and the other is by a woman who has become famous (in the dieting world) with her "Eat Clean" diets and recipes. Both books had good reviews on amazon and having received them I also know that both have some yummy looking food in them. So one goal I have is to start cooking more and using healthier, more natural ingredients.

Another book I've gotten stuck on is "Master Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels (the hardcore fitness chick from The Biggest Loser). This book is all about how your hormones can get thrown off whack by food and environmental toxins and how eating better and getting rid of external toxins can help put your body back into it's most natural and healthy state. She can back up everything she says with actual peer-reviewed research articles and except for a few strange suggestions, I think the information is excellent. Her motto pretty much is, if it doesn't have a mother and it doesn't come directly from the ground don't eat it. Definitely a more expensive lifestyle but it's amazing how many of the foods we eat affect our metabolism and ability to burn/store fat. Just some food for thought!

In addition to eating better I intend to put more effort into exercise. Yes, exercise- something I admit I despise because I'm lazy and prefer to sit on my bum and read rather than do. In addition to walking Stetson every day for 30+ minutes I have started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD which is, well, hard! Especially when you're as out of shape as I have become. There are 3 levels, each running ~25 minutes. She does everything in circuits (cardio, strength, and abs) so you never get bored and you never stop moving (literally). I've only done it so far for a total of 5 days but my endurance is already noticeable improving. I also would like to (again) start running but the cold weather is not something I enjoy and my lungs freezing over isn't either. That may have to wait until spring. Either way I need to get in shape before the cruise in March. I hate running around in a bikini with a muffin top.

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