Monday, December 14, 2009

RNIA (procrastinating hardcore)

eating : nothing. although i'd love some steak and baked potato right about now.

feeling : stressed yet lazy. last exam tomorrow and i need to study but i don't want to!

listening : to the news on tv. lots of people being shot and robbed. good times.

watching : nothing of computer screen...should be my pharm book

reading: my pharm book (as soon as i quit messing around on here)

loving : that after tomorrow i'm done with classes for 3 weeks

disliking: being a lazy fatass. seriously, i have no drive to do any exercise and i love to eat bad food

thinking : i really need to study and quit screwing around

hoping : i pass the exam tomorrow

wishing : i had a million dollars

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  1. You need a photo of your beloved lard-butt aunt as inspiration to go exercise so you don't end up looking like me!!! :)


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