Friday, December 25, 2009

A Relaxing Day

Today was actually one of the most relaxing Christmases I have experienced in a while. Usually there's a lot of hustle and bustle to get ready for much of the extended family's arrival for dinner and gifts, but today there was only my immediate family and my uncle David. I did miss getting to see everyone else, but not having so much cleaning and preparing to do was also nice. We started the day with apple pie, ice cream, and mimosa's and ended it with "It's a Wonderful Life" by the fire. I can't complain! I was also glad my sister and her husband managed to make it to town yesterday evening (for the candlelight church pretty) and then stay all day today.

My main gift this year was having my (late) Grandma Tripp's piano moved down to Greenville. My house isn't huge but I think the piano fits well in the dining room (I always eat on the sofa or floor anyways).

Very soon after it arrived I started playing it and was pleased to hear that it was still fairly well in-tune. I will have to get a tuner to come out once it adjusts to the humidity of Greenville but until then it sounds good to me. In addition to having the piano moved, I got some smaller, but also wonderful, gifts. A box of skeet, a painting of a horse done by Alex's old graphic design professor, new Smith sunglasses, giftcards, and a variety of yummy munchies in addition to several other great gifts. All-in-all, I can't complain. I just can't wait until I have a job again and can afford to spoil people for Christmas like I used to (although I couldn't really afford it then either...didn't stop me).

Aside from Christmas, things have been going reasonably smoothly. School starts back January 7th so I will be heading back to Greenville early next week to get the house cleaned up and take care of some things before classes get rolling. I'm not looking forward to school, but I've survived one year, I'm assuming I can do the same for this last one!

Oh, and I bought my first fedora at World Market the other day. I had seen pictures of people wearing them and loved them, even though I've never looked very good in hats. This one is a keeper, even if I do look dumb (and the pics below are ones that Alex took- she tried to make them artsy but I'm a difficult subject).

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