Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Personal Year in Review

I did this last year and decided I would do it again this year as a nice sum-up of 2009.

-What was the best thing that happened to me this year? Okay, this is a hard one! I would say getting engaged but we broke up. I would say surviving nursing school, but I already used that for #2. I would say losing weight and getting in shape...but I didn't do that. Hmmm. Alright if I think of something I will come back and update. For now I'll stick with not getting sick and dying.

-What did I do this year that I’m really proud of? I survived my first year of nursing school. I know that may seem silly to many people, but it's hard. The material isn't hard, but the amount of work (busy and useful) involved is insane. But I made it. One more to go.

-Who did I really help? I'd like to think I helped several of my classmates out with class and clinicals. I could be wrong, but I feel like I'm the one that gets asked most questions (haha, like I know what's going on either!) and although I don't know the answer quite frequently, it's nice to be asked anyways.

-Who do I need to thank and acknowledge for having been there for me? My parents of course. Several of the friends I've made in nursing school who have been there with me through the hard and the easy times. Alister for being my best friend despite other "issues". Oh, and Krissy...without her I'd never get to go anywhere b/c of my constantly needy cat with heart problems.

-What are the top three lessons I learned? 1. As with last year, no one should have given me a mortgage. 2. You get back what you put into things. 3. Wedding dresses aren't returnable no matter what the excuse.

-What increased my happiness and joy this year? Prozac. Not kidding. If I'm on birth control pills I gotta be on Prozac too...otherwise I come close to being a serial killer. My few months on the happy pill this past year were...okay so I can't really remember much of it anyways but I know I cared a lot less about, well, everything. Not the end-all solution but it was nice for a while. After a while I decided that just going off bc pills would be more healthy for my body than being on multiple drugs. Antidepressants can raise the risk of developing metabolic syndrome by a TON. It's better this way. Less pharmaceuticals to depend on.

-What’s something I got through that was really tough? Breaking off Alister and I's engagement. Sadly I think it had been building for a little while but the irreconcilable differences got to be more than I could handle. It's just hard because he had been my best friend and it's hard to go from everything to nothing!

-What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to in 2009? Money. I spend it yet I don't have any.

-What character trait did I develop most this year? I'm afraid my stubbornness just got worse. Although being stubborn also leads to determination so I won't knock it this time.

-What new people did I meet that are now in my life? Mainly more people in nursing school. I'm surprised at how capable I am of getting along with girls; it never used to be one of my strong suits. I met a few other people in Greenville (not in school) and they've been fun to hang out with (and their dogs have been good for Stetson to play with).

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