Saturday, December 12, 2009

Finals and then some

Wow, I am so not good at keeping this thing updated! Like my aunt said, it's nice to read when you can get the cobwebs cleared away. Right now I am halfway through my final exams. This semester didn't go near as well as I wanted it to but it's not going to end up too badly. Anything that happened is definitely my fault; I was slack this semester and just didn't try as hard nor study as hard as I did last semester. Next semester I'll be making up for it, no doubt. Back to studying all of the time and having fun none of the time.

As for non-school related news, Alister and I broke up and called off the wedding. We were having irreconcilable differences and it just got to a point where, even if the issues were fixable, they weren't going to be fixed from 2000 miles away. It didn't seem reasonable to get married as soon as he moved back when there were some things that needed to be dealt with. We're still talking- he is my best friend for goodness sakes- and there may be a chance further down the road for us to work things out, but for now we're going to do our own thing (which for the most part is to get through school). It sucked but seems like the best choice for both of us. I am going to hang on to my wedding dress; partly b/c I LOVE it and partly b/c David's Bridal won't let me return it anyways.

I am excited about Christmas break coming up. I did all of my Christmas shopping last night on and an thrilled that I don't have to go out and battle the crowds. I also got 48 Christmas cards signed, sealed, and stamped and will hopefully get them to the post office Monday morning. I usually write a Christmas letter to stick in the cards but having not done much over the past year, I didn't want to waste paper to say nothing (besides that's what this blog is for). Maybe next year there will be more to talk about (cross fingers).

I'm trying to figure out if there's anything else I can add in here...oh, I did see my first vaginal delivery in my OB clinical. It was crazy to see and no, I didn't cry. I kind of cringed and held my breath but no tears came to my eyes. I can't imagine why anyone would want to put themselves through that- especially knowing that kids can cost ~$1 million to raise over a lifetime (and I'd like to see that million in my bank account). It was really neat to see though, and believe me I saw everything since I was pushing the girl's leg back every time she pushed. I'm looking forward to Alex and Kris having a baby fetus (although I think I will pass on seeing my sister's vagina in that state).

I also bought a shotgun and learned to properly shoot it. I figured since I live in Greenville and am by myself a good half of the time that I should probably have some kind of home protection other than my overly friendly dog. I considered a security system but I don't want to have to pay for one monthly. Besides, I have found shooting to be really enjoyable and relaxing, not to mention a great (redneck) family bonding experience. Hopefully that's all I have to use it for.

Aside from the stuff above, there's not much else going on. Life just rambles along like it's so good at doing here in thrilling Greenville.

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  1. You're right, the shooting practice is a great "family" activity. You definitely should do it more often!


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