Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nursing School: A Poem (Part II)

Every time
I want to play
My books remind me
Not today.

Pharm takes hours
Then OB
But my peds book
Is not for me.

Heart defects
Fresh chest tubes
Milk let down
And swollen boobs.

Poking dummies
Suctioning trachs
Kids with croup
And bellyaches.

Pregnant women
Lots of cursing
Red rings of fire
During birthing.

Med-surg patients
Gotta “go”
And when they do
Trust me, you’ll know.

Crying babies
Give them food
Change their diaper
If they’ve pooed.

First time daddies
Oh so scared
First time mommies

The baby boys
Give the girls
Some silly toys.

Teach and teach
On contraception
Use a condom
Avoid infection.

Get the kids
Their immunizations
Avoid diseases
And hospitalizations.

Many patients
Are way too big
Weightloss is healthy
Eat some figs. (Um…bad rhyming there…)

I try to turn them
Throw my back out
It’s bad technique
I have no doubt.

And when I’m done
Cleaning up poo
There’s always more
For me to do.

Charting vitals
Where’s the head nurse?
No one knows.

And when I leave
I want a nap
Instead I do
My write up stat.

For even when
I crave some fun
There’s always more
I’m never done.

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  1. Please tell me you are saving all of these so when you graduate you will have a nice little booklet to give to the nursing school. These are great and I love reading them.


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