Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today I had a clinical on the pediatrics floor at PCMH and was so very proud of myself. For those that don't know me well, I am insanely scared of kids and having to work with them is quite a bit of an anxiety attack for me. That being said, my patient this afternoon was a 9 month old girl with meningitis and a subdural empyema (pus between some layers in her brain). She was adorable despite her large head and tendency to drool more than Alister's dog. The first time I went into the room no one else was in there with her and the nurse popped in right after just long enough to ask me to play with her. Yes, me. Play with a baby.

At first I was scared to touch her (she had tubes and lines everywhere and well, she was a BABY) but when she started to get fussy I gave in and picked her up at which time she promptly shoved the entire end of my stethoscope in her mouth. I finally realized if I talked to her like I do my pets we'd have no problem. She also seemed fascinated with my stethoscope so if it kept her from crying I was good.

The day ended up going really smoothly; her parent's were really friendly and my nurse was great. I even learned to change a diaper and apply butt cream (not kidding, it's called BUTT CREAM). My biggest success though was partially getting over my fear of babies. I definitely don't want to have any but I won't lie; I'm super excited about my sister(s) having some baby fetus'...I can't wait to play with them and spoil them and then send them home when they get fussy or annoying. :-)


  1. Good for you. I'm kind of like you-- love my sister's kids, but scared of other people's babies/children. Would probably not do well in peds.


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