Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh my eggs...

Recently I received a phone call from an egg donor agency I applied to back when I worked at Duke. A couple had actually chosen ME from a huge list of potential donors to be their egg supplier. I felt flattered. I felt honored. I felt the $5500 compensation would help greatly with paying off some debt. I told her I would do it and the process has begun.

I just finished filling out a 570 question psych evaluation and sometime in the next 2 weeks will fly to Boston to have medical tests done and another psych evaluation completed. If I pass that (cross fingers) I will proceed to being put on birth control to match my cycle with the surrogate's. From there comes the hormone injections and retrieval, but I'm trying to take it one step at a time (and trying not to think about sticking myself with a needle several times a day). The thought of flying to Boston soon just because a couple of strangers want my genes is kind of crazy. Story of my life. :-)

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  1. how exciting!
    do you get to meet the people to whom you will donate your eggs?
    this sounds really cool- and the compensation doesn't hurt, huh???
    good luck! can't wait to hear all about this journey!


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