Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nursing School: A Poem

I wrote this for Alister but figured I'd share it here...b/c it's typical me.

I hate to study
Yes I do
I hate to study
And I know you do too.

My books are heavy
My notes are boring
If I read much longer
I'll end up snoring.

Clinical write-ups
Case studies and tests
Quizzes and check offs
I just want to rest!

Smegma and mucus
Discharge you can see
What was I thinking
To want this degree?

Vaginas and babies
IV’s and chest tubes
And if you do a rectal
Don’t forget lots of lube.

Angina and stroke
Diabetes and COPD
That’s a lot of sick people
That I have to see.

TB and pneumonia
MRSA and staph
Scrub your hands hard
Then go take a hot bath.

Vomit and blood
Penises and sores
You never know
What’s behind hospital doors.

Patients that yell
Kids that will bite
Demented grandmas
That wander out of sight.

Charting and charting
I have to look forward to
And funky fluids
Spilling on my nice shoes.

Let’s be honest
It's not really my thing
But I'm doing it anyways
So I can afford all my bling.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


So apparently I have a REALLY hard time keeping this blog updated. School has started back but for the life of me I can't seem to get motivated like I was last semester; it needs to happen soon though before my grades get screwed. Alister and I are doing well despite the fact that we're 2000 miles away from each other. But, we survived last year so this one shouldn't be a problem (cross fingers). Today I spent the afternoon at the river with my parents. They drove down with the kayak and ATV's and we had a fun time (as did Stetson). Tomorrow is going to be a lot of hard work though; 2 tests this week and a lot to catch up on!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Those Random Updates

Okay so I definitely do a horrible job at keeping up with this blog! I go through phases where I'm really into putting stuff on here and then there are several weeks where nothing gets written. Oh well, I try.

Nursing school started a few weeks ago and already it is overwhelming. There are about the same number of classes as last time, but it's much less organized and straight to the point. It's more "figure it out yourself" going on. I'm not complaining, I just need to adjust.

This weekend I'm heading to Raleigh to potentially buy my wedding dress and Alex and Sam's bridesmaid dresses. We'll see how that goes; I'm incredibly indecisive and I'm afraid I'll pick a dress and then find one I like more...and they are not returnable. What to do, what to do.