Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Summer in Review...

Okay so I haven't done the best job in keeping up with my blog this summer but I try! Since it's late and I still have no desire to write a bunch of nonsense I'll just sum up some of the highlights from this summer (since I need to feel like I had a few rather than just sitting on my bum):
  1. I got 2 A's in summer school
  2. I moved back into my house in addition to putting down laminate and landscaping (hard work but looks damn good)
  3. I (and Alister) set a wedding date, found a location, and arranged for a DJ, wedding planner, minister, and cake baker
  4. I found a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses (that alone deserves it's own number)
  5. I learned to wake board (going in and out of the wake will come in the future)
  6. I bought jeans without holes (seriously, this is something to be proud of...I was going to wear those stupid holey $200 jeans until they dry rotted)
  7. I helped Alister drive back across the country without ANY road incidents (plus for me- I'm bad luck on the road)
  8. I rediscovered the joy of Prozac
  9. I learned to survive not taking off my engagement ring every single time my hands had to get wet (which came after several "oh crap where did I put it???" and "um...I think I left it on the boat at the lake...")
  10. I saved money on my car insurance by not switching to Geico

And here's a list of the things I wanted to do but didn't manage to this summer:

  1. Go on a cruise (damnit)
  2. Repaint my house (well, I hate painting)
  3. Go skydiving (I'm still holding out hope)
  4. Win the lottery (still waiting on that one too)
  5. Get a new car (haha)

Maybe next summer...


  1. you should cut up your holey jeans (what's left of them) and make a purse

  2. A purse would be a good idea, since you didn't save enough for a quilt! LOL!
    Hey, I thought "visiting relatives" was on that summer "to-do" list????


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