Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Little Bastard #3

Yesterday morning at ~3am I woke up with an ache down below. My first thought was "Oh crap, I have a UTI". So I proceeded to go downstairs, pee in a cup, and dip a test strip (for UTI's) in it. The results weren't very clear, probably because the strips expired a few years ago (so not helpful). I eventually went back upstairs, hoping that the slight pain would disappear by morning.

Around 4am, the pain had spread...specifically towards my right lower back area. It was a dull ache that radiated down towards my pelvis and right hip. I got out the heating pad. The pain got worse. Having had 2 kidney stones in the past, I had an inkling that this could be #3...but it was easier to be in denial and think I had one hell of a UTI.

By 5am the pain was bad enough that I couldn't fall asleep or get comfortable. I was also getting up every 15 minutes to use the bathroom, even though there wasn't much happening once I was in there (I know, TMI). By this time Alister was getting concerned and whipped out his laptop to see if the ER here took my insurance. I felt bad because he has to get up for work at 6am, so I tried my hardest to ignore the pain and go to sleep.

When 6am came, I was still awake and in quite a bit of pain. We agreed that I should go to student health as soon as they opened at 7:30; Alister offered to stay home from work (huge sacrifice) and take me. At 7am I got up to get ready and the pain was pretty unbearable. I walked...sort of...back into the bedroom and remember kneeling by the bed and starting to cry- I didn't want to move any more. That's the point where we decided the ER might be a better option.

Alister drove me over to the ER at 7:30 and we managed to walk right in, check in, go through triage, and be in a room within 5-10 minutes. It was amazing; Rex was never even remotely close to being that quick! The wait for the doctor in the room felt like it lasted forever, but most likely it was only another 5-10 minutes. Once she came and got my history, she told me they'd get me some pain meds and then take a urine sample when I was ready.

The nurse came in with an IV and for one of the first times in my LIFE, found my vein on the first try and got everything going. She was going to give me 2 pain meds and an anti-nausea one. She started with Dilaudid, which is about 10x stronger than morphine. I don't remember what she gave me after that because I kid you not, that stuff kicked in while she was only halfway through pushing it into my IV. I smelled and tasted plastic, my legs and head got heavy, and my pain just disappeared. I didn't believe it, Alister didn't believe it, but by God I felt damn good (minus the itchiness I have whenever I get narcotics).

We were stuck in the room for several more hours, mainly because I couldn't feel my bladder muscles enough to make myself do a urine sample. When I finally did (after standing up numbly and jumping in place) the nurse took the sample and I relaxed in the bed while Alister watched Saved By the Bell. The doctor came in about a half an hour later to let me know that I didn't have an infection, but that my urine was full of blood (sorry, more TMI). She said it was most likely another kidney stone (sigh) and that she'd give me pain meds so I could go home and pass it. Hello Little Bastard #3.

Alister and I left the ER at 11am and went ahead and ran some errands since I couldn't feel jack anyways. We went and measured the flooring at my house, ordered the laminate, got my prescriptions, and went by Lowe's for the carpeting. Upon arriving back at home later in the day, I still couldn't feel anything so I attempted to go to sleep, only to be getting up every 15 minutes to pee. This time though, I peed a LOT...which I'm hoping means the stone cleared on out and wasn't stuck anymore. I took an oxycodone when I went to bed last night and as of right now haven't felt pain since. The last 2 stones took a week each to pass; if this one is already out I will be beyond thankful.

I know I just typed a lot of nonsense above, but I always like to hear about other people's experiences with various issues in hopes that if I ever have the same thing occur that I will have an idea of what is wrong and what to do. So, if anyone ever wakes up with pain in their groin, an urgency to pee, and severe pain in the lower just might have a kidney stone. If you have a fever, blood in your urine, and can hardly stand up from the most likely have a kidney stone. Go to the ER. They're the only ones that will give you a strong enough pain reliever. No joke, Dilaudid is my hero.

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