Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter

Like my previous post said, Alister and I went to see "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" last night at midnight. According to reporters, the movie grossed $22.2 million in sales for just last night, beating out every other movie but the 3rd Star Wars. I'm not surprised; the theater last night was full and there were 4 screens open. We went early- around 11pm- and the room we were in was already 3/4 full by then.

As for the movie itself, it was definitely entertaining and funny (more so than most of the others) but I have to admit I was fairly disappointed. I re-read book 6 a week ago and although I understand things need to be cut out for time, I think a bit much was cut out and and random scenes were added that were never in the book. Being the Harry Potter nerd (and book nerd)that I am, it made the movie a bit more frustrating for me than for others. I would go into all the differences (which Alister and I talked about last night...b/c I'm a nerd and he's nice enough to listen to me) but most people that read this don't read the books, so it doesn't matter! I do recommend the movie though; pretty scenery, lots of humor, and plenty of snogging. Just ignore the fact that the actress playing Ginny Weasely is horrible.


  1. Hm. That doesn't make me feel too excited about going to see it anymore! If YOU weren't all that impressed, then I definitely won't be :\

  2. I think it's much more enjoyable if you don't read the book right before...then you have no idea what was left out or changed. It is really funny though; they go overboard on teenage hormones and snogging. :-)


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