Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy Dreams

I have crazy dreams. Lots of people say that, but in my case it's true. Ask Alister. I wake up remembering them and they are all over the place. Let me give an example...

I had a dream the other night in which Alister had a truck...not a regular truck but one that had tires that were the size of a car themselves. He wanted me to move it and it had a bunch of random buttons on the right side of me. Reverse was a button. Some of his friends were there to show me how to drive it, but I quickly managed to get it rolling on my own. I pulled it into a random driveway and the reverse button got stuck. Once I got it in reverse I drove it to my parents' imaginary house where I parked it down a small road next to some construction and to the left of a large pit. I walked into the front yard and met my sister and some other people and we walked across the street and went into a museum.

I don't remember what kind of museum but there were lots of gift shops and we went into all of them. We walked back across the street to my parents' "house" and my mom, Alex, and I were sitting on a screen porch that was on the second story. The screen porch stretched from their house to their neighbor's house. I told my mom they should sell the house as one huge one now that they were connected. She said bad idea. Some of the screens were loose and blowing in the wind. Alister shows up while I'm on the porch with my mom and Alex. Mom is helping me tie something on my clothing when Alister starts slurping (literally) on Alex's face. I get mad because he's cheating on me with my sister. Alex and my mom disappear and I'm yelling at Alister while he's refusing to answer or look at me.

I storm inside and slam the door into a random bedroom (mine in the dream). I'm really pissed and walk back out into the living room. There are a bunch of people sitting around (can't remember) and Alister is sitting on the couch with my mom. I demanded to know why he was still there after what he'd done and my mom tells me I need to calm down. She offers me her Rav-4 to take to drive back to my house. I take the keys and storm out the front door. Next thing I know a guy's voice yells "WAKE UP" and I sit bolt upright in bed (in real life). End dream.
I'm telling everyone, I have crazy dreams. And I remember them. That's the craziest part. Lots of people forget their dreams but I have incredibly vivid memories of each and every one. The one above is only slightly crazy. I can't decide whether it's my meds causing them, whether my brain is making up for not thinking all day, or whether I have a brain tumor. I prefer to go with the first or second option. Regardless, I rarely ever wake up feeling rested; an unfortunate result of having an overactive imagination. I've always wanted to write a book but if I tried to use my dreams it would never be published. I would just get admitted to a mental institution.


  1. How funny. Dreams are so weird aren't they. Last night I dreamed Amy Adams (the actress) was a mentally disabled patient in a hospital and I had to "help" her by answering the phone and talking to her through two-way glass. I remember promising her some help. It was like I was an intern or something. Really weird.

  2. Your life - even the "imaginary" one - is certainly interesting!

  3. Slurping? Really!? It's okay, I have whack dreams, too.


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