Thursday, June 18, 2009


I haven't been updating this thing much recently b/c, to be honest, I don't do much these days. Alister works Monday thru Friday and I spend the day at home cleaning, reading, doing schoolwork, using the Wii Fit, and playing on the internet. Sounds thrilling right? No, not really. But I keep telling myself that the hell of nursing school will start again sooner than I'd like and the chance to do any of the above will quickly disappear. I do hope to get some more mini-vacations in this summer but other than that nothing major is planned.

I did start seeing a therapist at ECU for some things and I really enjoy talking to her. I've always been a fan of therapists; it's a completely neutral person who will sit there and listen to you bitch and moan until you feel better. Who can complain about that? She also referred me to the school's psychiatrist and yes, once again, I am on happy pills (ie Prozac). They boosted me up once many years ago-maybe that will happen again. It's been rough recently.

This weekend looks promising. Tomorrow Alister and some friends of mine are getting together to make sushi (cross fingers against food poisoning). Saturday we're heading to Raleigh to spend time with our respective families for Father's Day and will return to thrilling, super-humid G-Vegas on Sunday. Hopefully it's an enjoyable, safe weekend for everyone and their dads.

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