Tuesday, June 23, 2009


eating : nothing...but looking forward to my PB&J and soy yogurt for lunch.

feeling : tired. 45 minutes on the wii fit wears me out.

listening : to obama talk on all 10 channels that i receive.

watching : the computer screen.

reading: a horrible nursing research book. last day of it though- the final exam is tomorrow.

loving : my pets and psodl.

disliking: that i'm too lazy to get up and run at 6am.

thinking : i hate money. north korea is like a much larger version of the columbine shooters. i should not have eaten that damn good ice cream last night.

hoping : my grandparents are doing okay. psodl and i work things out. i lose weight with the wii fit.

wishing : to win the lottery...like always.

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  1. what do you mean "work things out"?
    hope everything's ok!
    good luck with winning the lottery- i have never bought a ticket (but i probably should!)


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