Wednesday, May 13, 2009


eating : nothing. but looking forward to the pasta with mushrooms, chicken, and spinach later this evening

feeling : lots of things. it's a manic kinda week

listening : to some stupid soap opera running in the TV and the dogs scratching at the back door

watching : my computer screen

loving : that i have no school for another week

thinking : i need to come up with better things to write about on this blog

hoping : that Alister finds a job. that Grandma will get better. that Alister can sell the AllStar tickets so we can save some money. that summer school will be semi-easy and over quickly. that Alex and I can plan a trip at the end of the summer before she moves off to be a wife (for real).

wishing : that i could win the Powerball and stop having to get private and federal loans

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