Friday, May 1, 2009

Right Now I Am (instead of TGIF)...

I'm just going to do another right now b/c I have absolutely nothing to put on my TGIF post. Exams are currently underway; yesterday's was awesome, today's was a bomb. I have 3 more next week. My roommate moved out yesterday and that was a huge weight off of my shoulders. Although she was a nice girl, I ended up living with her AND her douchebag boyfriend, and to be quite honest, at 29 years old I was not looking to have an early-20's couple as roommates (especially since the male half wasn't paying for anything or cleaning up after himself). That and he used up a LOT of hot water, refused to take his shoes off in the house (I vacuumed up mucho dirty foot tracks), harassed my cat, and wouldn't put the toilet lid down (so Harrison wouldn't fall in). And did I mention that he was a slob and incredibly disrespectful? Yeah, so glad that's over. Anyways, all I will be doing all weekend is studying so...yay?

eating : a fresh cut turkey sandwich on whole wheat and some green grapes.

feeling : still tired, worn out, and stressed. and after the exam today there's a touch of disappointment.

listening : to Roseanne on TV before I get my bum up to go study outside in the sun and Indy cleaning himself.

watching : my computer screen. soon to be my foundations notebook.

loving : again, the weather. it's so warm and nice out...finally!

thinking : school sucks. especially nursing school. I knew I'd hate it, I just underestimated how much.

hoping : that I do better on next week's exams than I did on the one today.

wishing : for the end of the semester to come quicker. for Alister and Baer to get here. for fondue-due at the beach next weekend. that my Grandma and Grandpa are going to be okay. to win the powerball.

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