Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Day

Today was my first day of class- well, and 1 of only 4 class meetings I actually have this summer so yay, there's only 3 more to go! The class is taught by one of my favorite teachers but sadly even she cannot make it even remotely interesting. We spent the entire 3 hours talking about APA formatting and correct grammar. Sigh. It was bringing back some unpleasant nostalgia...from my last scientific writing and research class at NCSU.

In this class we have several quizzes and small assignments in addition to 1 large research paper. I was hoping the topics would be free choice but instead, we had to pick from a list based on a number we drew from a bag. With my luck, I didn't get to choose until the near end. My topic? Nurses roles in embryonic and stem cell research. I was drawn to the stem cell part; only after I chose it did I get the full part: nurses roles. Well crap. What the hell do nurses have to do with stem cell research? I don't know and neither does the internet. This should be fun.

I don't have any other complaints about the class though; there's mostly people I knew from class last semester and the rest of the writing assignments seem fairly easy and straightforward. I thought it was nice that our professor told us she handpicked us for her class (since she had the job of assigning all 200+ students to the 2 summer classes we have to take) so I wasn't surprised to notice that everyone in there did really good in her med-surg class!

After class I ran some errands (including buying a bunch of 2 cent stamps) and then came home to do some reading. Okay, lots of reading. I haven't even started on writing- for either class. Around 5 I decided to take the dogs on a walk (since Alister was at work) and that turned into one of the worst dog walking experiences ever. Needless to say- after an hour of trying to CATCH the dogs- they are on the back patio and will stay there until I can stand to look at them again. They may have ruined any chance of me ever walking the 2 of them alone again.

Hopefully the rest of the evening will be relaxing b/c I have a lot of writing to do tomorrow.

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