Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another weekend ends

I decided last minute on Saturday that I would make the short (yet usually eventful) drive to Raleigh. When I got to town I went and picked up Sam and we got lunch and ran some quick errands. Afterwards we went back to my parents house and watched Sweet Home Alabama (always a good movie). Later in the evening I drove over to Grant and Andrea's house in north Raleigh for some grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. It was nice to finally meet Andrea since we read each other's blogs regularly! Justin aka Coochie and Scott also came for dinner and it was nice catching up.

I didn't stay late- what can I say? I'm old, I need my sleep! So I made the loooong drive back to Garner and arrived in time to talk a bit with Sam before going to bed. This morning I got up and took her back to her apartment so she could meet up with friends to go to a new church and then headed over to Alister's parents house for some breakfast. I got in a nice visit with them while Alister spent another few hours in bed sleeping (him and his dad didn't get back from the AllStar race until 3:15am). We tried to go to The Flying Biscuit at Cameron Village but the wait was 30 minutes (despite plenty of empty tables) so we ended up at IHOP. Always a winner- I LOVE their apple cinnamon cream cheese stuffed french toast. Guilty pleasure.

The rain started pouring so I hung around my parents house for a little while longer and then met up with Alister to make the wet drive back to Greenville. The rain held off for the most part although the wind was incredibly gusty. Yay for driving and not getting hit (or hitting something else). Regardless, it was a nice little visit home even though my parents and Alex are in Salt Lake City. I'll probably see them again when I go back for Grandma Tripp's memorial service June 6.

Summer school starts Tuesday, and although the classes are mostly online, I decided to take both at the same time so I think I may be slammed with work. Both classes are writing intensive so that should keep me busy. I'm also trying to plan a visit to Winston Salem to visit with my grandparents- hopefully sooner rather than later!


  1. Wow! Grant, Justin, and Scott! I still can't believe high school was 11 years ago.
    I read Andrea's blog as well, even though I have never met her. She has a lot of tips for being healthy- which I could always use more of! Hope summer school is good to ya :)

  2. Nice to finally meet you too! We'll have to get together another time, so I can actually meet the guys! Have a great next week!


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