Friday, April 24, 2009


Okay, so I haven't posted lately because I've been incredibly busy and yet on the flip side, not much has happened. So here are the highlights...
  • Sunday- I studied
  • Monday- I had clinicals (luckily no poo this week) and then studied
  • Tuesday- I had my final check off in health assessment which has yet to be graded, but if I have to do it again I wouldn't be surprised. We had to draw a system out of a bag and then do a full assessment on someone else including documentation afterwards. I drew the only system I couldn't remember well...neurological. After that I had my last foundations lab...yay...then came home and, you guessed it, studied
  • Wednesday was my day of 2 big tests (the last 2 tests in two of my main classes). I did good on one, not so good on the other (b/c no matter how much I study I'm retarded in foundations). Then home to study which wasn't well accomplished b/c I fell asleep on my patho notes
  • Thursday- Got up early and went to the library to attempt to study for patho one more time. I hate renal. If there had been a bunch of questions on kidney stones I would have felt more prepared. There was not. It's okay, I got a 104 anyways. Yay patho. Once back home I sat down to BS one of the stupidest papers I've ever had to write. I'll never be able to write a novel; I can hardly come up with a 3 page paper
  • Today I had my last 2 classes of the semester and turned in the horrible paper. Hopefully my professor will still grade me well, b/c despite the content I think I have better grammar than the current generation of texters (who in turn write as if they're texting) and maybe it will just READ better than the others. As for the rest of the day, I'm taking it easier b/c tomorrow starts hard core study for finals next week

I was hoping to go to Raleigh tomorrow to visit with my aunt and uncle but I just have too much to do for finals so I'm going to attempt responsibility and stay the library. Speaking of studying, there is a girl in my clinical group that drives me crazy sometimes. Now I have the utmost respect for anybody and everbody's religions, mainly b/c I have labeled myself agnostic lately, but sometimes I think people go a little overboard. Skip to said girl. She's a really nice, friendly person but she is VERY Christian. There's nothing wrong with that, except that she truly believes that when she does bad on a test, it's b/c God has better plans for her; when she does well on a test, she's glad she puts her faith in God. Sometimes I want to shake her and tell her that GOD DOESN'T AFFECT YOUR GRADES, STUDYING DOES. There's nothing wrong with having strong beliefs, but sometimes you have to jump back to reality and take responsibility for your own actions and decisions, b/c even if God loves you, he doesn't grade your tests. Just a fact.

Anyways, that's all I've got. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend ie hot and sunny so I plan to do some studying outside while getting some sun at the same time (with no less than SPF30 on mind you).

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  1. Haaaaaaaahahahaha..."said" girl you're talking to reminds me of of someone else I know...


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