Friday, April 17, 2009

TGIF- Highlights

Today is Friday! Yay! Not just means the start of a short weekend crammed full of studying...I mean learning. I have 3 exams next week followed by a week and a half of cumulative exams. I know, everyone be jealous. Anyways, I figured doing highlights of the week would be a quick way to sum up everything, so here goes (and I take the bad with the good so this includes some of each and yes, I know my life is not the most thrilling ever):
  • Sunday I got to enjoy Easter with the family and laugh at Alex while she attempted to set up a sewing machine (and I think in the end Super Joe actually did it). Oh and my Dad washed my car for me...that was nice of him. I always figured the excessive rain would do it for me.
  • I spent 5 hours Monday in the operating room watching C-section after C-section after C-section...I went to bed with visions of vagina's and huge uterus' filling my head (not really a good thing).
  • Tuesday was the simulation experience in the lab in which some of my fellow students quickly proved they will probably get sued or fired as future nurses and reminded me how important personal liability insurance is.
  • Wednesday I had my last 2 lecture periods with 2 of my more favorite teachers. I still have exams with them next week but I will miss Dr. Neil and her Malaise (okay, well until I have her again this summer online).
  • Thursday I pulled off a 108 on my pathophys exam. That was a nice boost for my smartness ego.
  • Today I studied my bum off for a lung/heart/bowel sounds quiz in health assessment only to have my teacher give everyone that took it a 100. Sigh. I also went to WalMart and didn't get shot. That was nice.

Oh, and my clinical instructor gave me an "excellent" on the absurdly long case study she made me do last week. Did I mention it was long? Absurdly so? It was. I was surprised seeing as though I think she's out to get me b/c ironically I always get the patients whose faces appear in the dictionary next to "polypharmacy". Thank goodness this coming Monday is my last full clinical day (and yes, my patient is on twice as many meds as anyone else's). Semester is almost over...just a little longer.

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  1. Your first semester almost over! Can you hardly stand it!?!
    That was mighty nice of your diddy to wash your car for you.
    Ahhhh yes... liability insurance... a healthcare workers' best friend. I am starting to realize why the premiums for that insurance is so high. They have to cover for a whole bunch of dumbasses. Good thing we wont be one. (a dumbass that is)
    Just procrastinating... Love ya!


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