Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Scary nursing students

In order to practice some nursing skills, our labs will occasionally do "simulation scenarios" which are composed of several roles (primary nurse, secondary nurse, family member, etc) with a dummy as the patient. The dummy is not just a dummy however, she can talk (via the instructors behind the one way mirror that control everything), she has a monitor which shows adjustable vital signs, she has multiple wounds, she can have an IV/catheter/NG tube inserted, and you can listen to heart and lung sounds on her. So although she's a dummy she's a really jacked up one.

Today in lab our scenario involved wound care (culturing and changing a dressing). I got to be an observer since I was the primary nurse for the previous scenario so my only job was to observe and write down the good and the bad. I filled an entire page with ONE good and the rest bad. Yes, it was that bad. And that's scary b/c we are at the end of our first semester and this is basic stuff. Rather than get into all of the silly details I will just say that the girls playing the nurses not only got the vital signs wrong and ignored the fact that she couldn't breathe (O2 went down) but they CHANGED THE WRONG WOUND. Yes. The wrong wound. The "physician's orders" specifically said the one on the backside and they changed the one on her leg.

I don't know about other people but I don't think I want either of those girls ever touching a wound on my body. Actually...there's a quite a few people I'm in school with that I don't ever want to touch me in a healthcare setting. It's scary.

Aside from that fun, interesting, scary experience today, school is as always. There are 2 weeks left + exams and the teachers are piling the crap on. In the next 2 weeks I have 4 tests, 2 quizzes, a research paper, and a final lab check off followed by a week of 5 cumulative exams. Sigh. I also had a brief freak out today when I found out that my private loan company is no longer doing private loans (thanks to Obama not helping them out like all the other fools and wanting all the federal aid to go to poor income families). I luckily was able to find ONE company that offered what I needed (thank you Wells Fargo) so I think I'll be okay until I graduate. But still, the last thing people in school should be worrying about is how to pay for it. Jobs wants people with good degrees so in my opinion, there should be no barrier to people getting those degrees. Still, just my opinion.

I'm also disappointed that I won't be able to go home Thursday for my grandma's graveside service, but I have a test at the same time as the service and although I would be able to make it up, it's the time of the semester when you do not want to get behind in anything. I'll be there in spirit since I'm usually not there in spirit in patho class. Hopefully I'll be there for the memorial service early summer, although if family members keep pushing it back I'll be back in school for the fall before it ever happens!

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  1. Good thing you r a super nurse. Im just gonna go ahead and let you be my personal nurse forever... sound good to you?


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