Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Things

I try hard to keep up with this blog, but in all honesty there are many times when I just don't have much to say. I know, how could that be? I have one of the biggest mouths anyone has ever known! But it's true, I run out of things to talk about...well, let me clarify. I run out of INTERESTING things to talk about. I can ramble for hours on end about absolutely nothing or everything but when it's time to write something for other people to read, I frequently experience very large, very long brain farts. That is the main reason why I still haven't made any progress on the infamous novel I plan to write. I can't get past a first page.

So here are just a few random things that may or may not interest people.

-I actually AM engaged. Alister proposed at Atlantic Beach on March 30 and it was just what I would want- nothing overly sappy or romantic or requiring a lot of planning (or money). Very simple. I love the ring. It's a white gold band with a single setting for my great Grandma's 1/2 carat it fits me well. We're looking at getting married next June (2010) but that could still changed based on school schedules.
-Herman (my old boss at Duke) proposed to his girlfriend of almost a decade (maybe?) and that just makes me smile b/c we always gave each other crap about who would fall first. But congratulations to him and Janet :-).
-My Grandma Tripp passed away this past Tuesday and although I was not as close to her as I feel I am to my other grandparents, it was a sad experience. Regardless of opinions I may have, I did love her and if it weren't for her I wouldn't have such an amazing dad...okay and I wouldn't be here either so good stuff all around. She also taught me how to play piano, and I ended up a damn talented musician if I do say so myself. I was excited to find out that she wanted me to have her baby grand piano. I learned to play piano on it starting in first grade...and spent 12 long years loving and hating having to see it every week. It's going to fill my dining room but at least I'll have the chance to start playing again- and it will always have sentimental value (now getting it down here eventually WILL be an event).
-I have discovered I AM actually learning stuff in school. It's crazy. I almost feel...intelligent. I can only imagine what grad school will be like. My head will explode from all of the smartness.

Aside from that I really don't have much to talk about. I'm back to school but will be done with the semester in 3 weeks, followed by a week of exams, a week off, and then thrilling summer school. I won't complain- I chose to go back to school so...yay school!


  1. You're the only person I know that gets excited about going to school.

    What's with the "I actually AM engaged" part? Do most people not believe you? I think it's awesome. And I honestly think that you and Alister are perfect for each other.

    But what do I know... :)

  2. I also............. Brain fart!


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