Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I blog for myself...not to entertain or amuse anyone else (or make them glad they have their life and not mine) but to have a place to write down random thoughts and feelings. It really doesn't bother me if no one reads it, but I have to admit it makes me kind of sad when someone outright says they don't want to read it for whatever reason. Why even tell me? Why not just not read it? Why is it necessary to make someone feel bad about themselves by shooting them down?

Why? Why? WHY????

And why do I have 500 pages to read by next week? That sucks too.


  1. Someone actually told you that they didn't want to read your blog? That's gay. I READ IT!! All the time. Especially for a good laugh :)

  2. I read it too! I enjoy your musings and agree with you on SO many issues!
    Some people are so stupid.
    Keep writing....you make me smile :)

  3. People just love to complain... Keep on keeping on. YOu ROCK!!!

  4. I love reading your writing. Please don't let stupid people bother you ... surely you've realized by now the world is FULL of them. Ignore them. Maybe they'll go away. :)


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