Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let's just get this out there...

I understand that people have opinions. I feel that people are welcome to those opinions regardless of whether or not I agree with them. But as a bitch, even I understand that there are times when the opinions are just not welcome nor necessary to share. Clarification? Sure.

YES. I HAVE BEEN ENGAGED BEFORE. Oh my God...I think I'm the only person in the WORLD who has ever been engaged more than once. Guess that makes me an icon of relationship failure. Actually, NO. It doesn't. It means I was smart enough and mature enough to realize that the person I was engaged to was not the right one for me. Rather than jump into a marriage (ie lifelong commitment to another person) I got out of it before it became that kind of commitment. I wasn't interested in separating a year later, or spending years avoiding the person I lived with, or regretting my decision for the rest of my life and therefore living a sad, lonely existence. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten engaged in the first place. MAYBE. But I made myself one less divorce statistic by getting out before I got in too deep.

Which leads me to, I am so SICK and TIRED of the snarky "joking" comments that people have made. "Are you actually going to stick with this one?" "Congratulations for the third or fourth time" "Well maybe this one will actually stick" "Somebody better warn him about your relationship issues"

SERIOUSLY? How hard is it for grown, supposedly mature, adults to just be NICE and say congratulations??? I don't care if you go home and talk smack about me. I don't care if the entire time you're thinking "Oh that idiot is going to back out again"...b/c trust me, I think some pretty bad stuff about people but I'm mature enough to keep it within the confines of my own cranium. I really don't care what people think except when they feel the need to say it to ME. Why is it so hard to just let me be happy and enjoy my engagement...b/c believe it or not, I too am hoping this one will work out.

So just to sum things up, if anyone feels the need to say anything other than congratulations and when's the wedding, then trust me, if you say it TO ME (or to Alister), you will no longer be a welcome part of my life.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter.

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  1. Some people are idiots.
    I think you and Alister are a great couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Screw everyone else.


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