Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Today was fairly enjoyable even though I got very little accomplished. After waking up late from some very unsettling dreams (I have a lot of those lately...I don't think I sleep deeply enough) I popped in a DVD of the last season of Scrubs and proceeded to veg in my bed through the entire 2 1/2 hours. I finally got my lazy butt up, took Stetson on a walk, showered, and then set myself up outside in the gorgeous weather to get some studying done. I did manage to read a 100 page chapter on wound care (it's as thrilling as it sounds) before I got distracted and started cleaning and moving things around (mainly my plants from inside to out).

Being the good doggy mom I am I took Stetson on yet another walk before dinner. My dog definitely does not like taking walks- especially on leashes. When he hears walk all he wants is free time to pee and poo on as many things as possible before nothing more comes out; when I say walk I'm thinking moving at a quick pace going as far as I can before I'm bored. Needless to say this disagreement proceeds with me walking and dragging a 60 pound dog 5 feet behind me for 30 minutes. Sigh.

After the walk I made some pizza (see people, I'm not jumping completely into the no processed foods diet) and then spent about 2 hours on the phone with my PSODL. Speaking of, I cannot wait for Alister to come home for the summer. It will be our first chance to really spend time together while still doing normal everyday life things (work, school, etc). I think it will be a good thing- at least I hope it is seeing as though we're trying to marry each other eventually. Time together is good. Very good. Not done enough.

Once we got off the phone I bummed around on FB for a little while, kicked some huge ass on Guitar Hero (okay so I'm still on easy but at least I get a lot of 99%'s), and then settled down with some popcorn and an oddly tasting mixed drink to watch "Get Smart" with Steve Carrell...too bad the Netflix DVD is too scratched up to watch. Now Harry Potter is playing and I'm reminded of how (dorkily) excited I am for the 6th one to come out this summer. :-)

Hopefully I accomplish more tomorrow b/c the 3 tests are coming quickly and I'd like to be able to run home to Raleigh for a day next weekend to see George and Ann...who I haven't seen in years....maybe?

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