Sunday, April 12, 2009


And on a much lighter note than my earlier rant and rave, I had a nice Easter break despite needing to do a lot of studying (which I still have yet to do). I ended up going to Raleigh yesterday afternoon through this afternoon to visit family and enjoyed getting to see my immediate family as well as Pat and Joyce. We had a late lunch at Applebee's surrounded by a brief visit before Pat and Joyce headed back to WS.

I did spent ~4 hours yesterday on a case study my clinical instructor decided to punish me with but that was about it for school work. This morning my family went to the sunrise service at church and boy was it chilly...and smoky (no one was tending the increasingly smoky bonfire). But, it was nice to do something as a family and church tends to keep everyone relaxed.

When we got back home (after stopping at Krispy Kreme for fresh HOT doughnuts), Alex and I split some triple chocolate cake (compliments of Bud and Alice) covered in heavy whipping cream along with some champagne (it would have been mimosa's but we were out of orange juice). The family just puttered around inside and out and shortly before I left we had some honey baked ham, green beans, Hawaiin rolls, and mac n' cheese (compliments of Kenny's recipe).

I left for Greenville (YAY!!!) around 2 and stopped by my house on the way in to pick up some mail. The IRS sent me a large packet and at first I thought I was getting audited...but it ends up I didn't sign all of my forms. Yeah, so next year I'm definitely filing electronically although I may not have worked any jobs to pay taxes on. We'll see.

So now it's back to the grind and the long haul to get through with this semester. There's only 3 weeks left + exams and then I will have survived first semester...and not dropped out. Shocking right? The people-hater is slowly making it through nursing school. :-)

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