Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching Up

So let's see. Last Saturday (28) I threw Alex a post-wedding bridal shower and thought it went well. Everyone ate some good food and played some silly games so it was an enjoyable day. That evening I picked Alister up at the airport and we drove back to Greenville only to wake up to cloudy skies Sunday morning (there goes the beach idea). Sadly, I spent most of the day studying since I had 2 tests last week but we ran some errands and went out to eat. Alister spent my study time becoming a pro at Guitar Hero III (fun stuff) so at least he wasn't bored out of his mind (as opposed to just, man my spring break sucks bored).

Monday I went to clinicals and when I got home we drive over to Atlantic Beach since the weather was so nice. It did get chilly pretty quickly on the beach so we stayed just long enough for him to propose (yay!), grabbed some seafood at Cap'n Bill's, and headed back so I could get some sleep before class Tuesday. The rest of the week we ate a lot, I studied...not so much, played a good bit of Wii, and watched some movies.

Friday we drove back to Raleigh and went out to eat with his parents that night. Saturday we had the "surprise" birthday party for my dad...yeah, that man doesn't miss much of anything so not too much of a surprise. I guess finding the keg hidden behind the bushes didn't help when he went spraying for deer Saturday morning. Regardless, it was a REALLY enjoyable party. Several people from his side of the family showed up in addition to quite a few old family friends, people from church, and several of his co-workers (I think we ended up wth ~47). It was a very relaxed party which fit my dad well.

Kathy made an AWESOME train cake to go with my mom's present to my dad (train trip across the country) and luckily it tasted as good as it looked! This morning I drove Alister to the airport (sad, but used to doing it!), went and had breakfast with his parents, and then drove back to my parent's and downed numerous Mimosa's with mom, dad, Alice, Bud, and Sam. Kathy and Joanne arrived in the afternoon and the production line made some excellent (as always) Egg's Benedict (along with more Mimosa's).

I finally headed back to Greenville this evening (after the Mimosa's wore off) and am about to start making drug cards for clinicals tomorrow. Yay, more poo.


  1. You're engaged!? :)

    And excuse me, but I helped with the cake, too...

  2. Kinda snuck that one in there! :)


  3. That was such a great week! no other way that I would ve wanted to spend my spring break! No lie!


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