Monday, April 27, 2009

A Break From Poo

Today was my last day of clinicals for 4 MONTHS and I could not be happier. I actually ended up liking most of my patients, but I felt like we were being used as glorified CNA's and by February the learning curve was going downhill drastically. My patient today was an older woman who weighed 83 lbs and had just had a grand-mal seizure and a CVA (stroke). Luckily she was alert and able to talk so it wasn't too bad- and she was incredibly nice; it was just odd having a patient that I could pick up and move myself b/c most of the patients have been a bit heavier. She was definitely a patient I enjoyed talking to more- and she told me I was one of the nicest nurses she had ever met (see, I CAN be nice!) and that I didn't look anywhere near 29. I hope she ends up okay. As for clinicals in general, the entire experience this semester was helpful; I just think that I've had enough poo for just a LITTLE while. My clinical instructor also did my final evaluation and surprisingly I did quite well; I'm glad she noticed and it wasn't all for nothing.

Exams start Thursday and I'm not too concerned. There are a few I need to do well on but I spent so much time this semester learning everything that now it's just more of a review rather than a last minute cram. They're all done next Wednesday and then I have a few days before Alister and Baer come...yay! This summer should be an experience!

This evening I took Stetson over to the pond by Pitt Community College and he actually jumped in after a stick...and brought it back! Several times! I was so proud- he may be a bit of a water dog yet. It takes a while to get him dried again but the pond is fairly clean and well kept so he doesn't reek like he used to after chasing ducks at the med school. I'm just happy he got some exercise; we walked for about 30 minutes and he swam for another 15 so he should be fairly pooped out tonight.


  1. I don't think I have ever seen Stetson go that deep into water...holy crap! Yay puppy love!

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  3. YAY Stetsonian jumping in the pond! Im sure it felt good for him with it starting to get hot. AND YAHOO NO MORE POO!!!!!


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