Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things that make me...

...go grrrr. In other words, a list of things that irritate me. I promise that sometime this week I will post a list of things that make me happy to balance this out, but it's cold, wet, and foggy outside and I have a LOT of studying to do so I'm in a "Grrrrr" kind of mood.
  • My cats always wanting to be on the OTHER side of a closed door- doesn't matter what room the door is leading into, if it's closed it is an abomination to the feline mind.
  • People that don't use their turn signals, esp on newer vehicles. I'm no mechanic but I don't think car makers have quit putting turn signals on cars...even with the recession.
  • Bad drivers in general (see the "Things I Love About Greenville" post)
  • Stupid, ignorant, hypocritical and/or judgemental people
  • Clinical instructors giving us patients that don't want student nurses. If I were a patient and I said no to a student nurse you better believe I'd be switching hospitals at the next chance if they gave me one anyways. Patients have rights through HIPPA but apparently no rights when it comes to who touches them (yes I am on the patients side b/c I don't like being yelled at to get out).
  • 12 page patient write ups when most of my class is no longer doing them at all
  • Cheaters, esp ones that take no responsibility for their actions...even when you hand them the STD results from the doctor's office
  • Add liars to the above
  • Stores that advertise something as a large % off then jack up the original retail price
  • BMI
  • The cost of birth control along with the number of pro-life people (see activists lower on list). Well if birth control were more affordable (ie or FREE) and easily accessible not as many people would be having an abortion and then it wouldn't be so much of an issue.
  • The lack of variety of shows on TV even when you have 200 channels
  • The buzzer on my dryer that can't be turned off and goes off for 30 seconds at a time
  • Stetson sulking and/or eating poopy...and then needing a dental b/c his gums are infected with bacteria...from said poopy
  • Facebook and their ever-changing layout. If it's not broke, don't fix it.
  • The fact that neither fiber nor protein nor gallons of water make me "feel fuller"
  • Having a 21 yr old at school tell me I have "no life" b/c I get good grades. Granted, I may NOT have much of a life b/c I study all of the time but when I was her age I sure as hell had a very fun life. The main reason I'm in school again actually. No regrets (sigh).
  • Ghetto school kids in Greenville. Go home and do your homework before you end up in jail like the other 1/3 of this city.
  • The time it takes mail to get from Greenville to Durango...and it gets slower every month
  • Dog claws clicking on hard
  • Snow and ice in NC. One inch and the place shuts down for days...meanwhile the salt that hasn't actually kept the accumulation off of the roads is eating it's way through your car's paint job
  • Technology never, ever, ever working for me
  • Persistent trojan horses on my laptop
  • Clothing fads that look HORRIBLE on anyone except a Victoria's Secret model (b/c FYI ladies extreme low rise jeans ONLY really look good on models or those that have had Brazilian butt implants)
  • Women that have octuplets and get free medical care from Dr. Phil and therefore will never learn to take responsibility for their ignorant, selfish decisions
  • The US always editing the hell out of news stories so we really have no clue what's going on in the rest of the world...or our own country for that matter
  • The cost of bottled water. It falls from the sky and seeps up from the ground- filtered or not it shouldn't cost $4/bottle...even if it is Smart.
  • The excessive amount of celebrity gossip. I do NOT care that Jolie-Pitt are adopting their 15th child or that some pop singer insists on staying with her abusive rap singing boyfriend.
  • The cost of stamps always going up. Pick a price and leave it. For godsakes, it's a STAMP. And it's too much effort to buy one cent stamps when the new cost stamps are right there also and then the old stamps just get wasted.
  • Companies that offer online bill pay and then their bill pay website is always down
  • Activists. Saving the environment and fighting for animal welfare is nice and admirable but throwing paint on someone's heirloom furcoat or burning down a logging factory in Alaska to make a statement makes you look lame, not to mention mental. Redirect your passion in a more acceptable (and legal) manner and go have sex....b/c everyone needs a little loving
  • Drug ads that tell you the medicine will treat your restless leg syndrome but in return you may have hair loss, tooth decay, numbness in your extremities, acne, migraine headaches, heart attack, high blood pressure, and increased risk of stroke. Well that's a fair trade off...
  • The cost of eating healthy. No wonder 54% of the American population is obese, b/c 90% of us are broke.
  • A litterbox. All cats should be trained to use a human toilet if they are indoors. No matter how clean the room is that the litterbox is in, by the end of the day half of the litter is outside of the box and on the floor. And then it gets tracked into other areas of the house. And I hate the smell of litter. And have I mentioned that my cats shovel their litter around so hard that they actually fling poo out of the box and against a wall? Yes, scraping a cat turd off a wall 2 feet above the floor is a fairly regular occurance.
  • Door frames. They're never wide enough. I can never seem to fit furniture through without banging something up not to mention the fact that I have issues judging distance and slam into one with a good 1/3 of my body at least once a day. Like this morning...I thought I had left my right kneecap in my bedroom as I was heading downstairs.

I'm sure I have plenty more but I really do need to study. And if I keep adding more I won't possibly be able to balance them out with the happy ones later on.


  1. You need a hug. Come visit me. I love you, warts and all! :)
    (oh, wait, I made this annonymous .. but you know who I am anyway!)

  2. I totally agree with you, PLUS you made me laugh, so thanks. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets irritated by things like that.

    I look forward to the happy post ;)

  3. Same here. I agree with everything you said AND you made me laugh! If it wasn't so late, I could start adding things to the list...however you always phrase things much better :)


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