Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Break

Spring Break is finally here and man, is it a relief! Granted, I will probably be spending most of it catching up with the studying (b/c I definitely did not this past week after the previous hell week before) but at least I won't have to go sit in class for hours and hours a day. That excites one could possibly understand unless they've been through nursing school (or medical school) but it is a thrilling feeling. That and spring break means that this semester is halfway done, which also means that I've actually survived 50% of my first semester (there were time when I thought I wouldn't...already).

I plan on heading home to Raleigh tomorrow to visit family and then I hope to do some side visiting during the week before I come back here sometime around Wednesday/Thursday. To add to everything, the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS- at least until Monday. It will be nice to get to enjoy some sunny, 75+ degree weather after all of this freezing cold rain, snow, and wind!

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