Monday, March 23, 2009


Along with all the stress of school I've been a little frustrated about some things lately and since I'm the kind of person that explodes with excessive amounts of negative feelings, I figured maybe I could just release them here. I know some people read this blog, but most don't- and even if they do, well this is how I feel so I won't apologize for it. I'm a bitch, we all know this, what can I say?
  1. School is going to drive me into an early grave. I study and study and study and still no straight A's. Now, in my defense, I do have to say that the class I'm doing the best in (ie average of 98) is the only class taught by a medical doctor and the only class NOT geared towards nursing...that would be pathophysiology. I always worried that would be my hardest class, and although we learn ungodly amounts of information, it's straightforward and I like that. One right answer. Maybe I would have done better in medical school where the focus is scientific FACTS and not common-sense people-loving hoopla. Just a thought. To add to that, I truly believe that nurses get ripped off. We get taught insane amounts of information: disease pathologies, chem panel and blood values, signs/symptoms/treatments for every sickness known to man (excluding House- he knows more), pharmacology (ie how drugs work), everything...and yet as nurses the only thing we can do is provide care and support while we wait for the high and mighty doctors to call us back and tell us that we can discontinue a medicine that has our patient in the middle of an anaphylactic shock. Sigh. I know Alice, suck it up. Just get through it. How many times have I heard that?
  2. I'm tired of car places that treat me like a moron b/c I have female genitalia. I recently went to a Colony Tire down here to get an OIL change. The douchebag #1 came out and said "There's a bunch of things wrong, estimate is ~$430". And I said, "Yeah, just change my oil and I'm taking it home to Raleigh". So he did but on the receipt he wrote "transmission fluid is NASTY", "PS fluid is messy", etc. Now I guarantee you if he had been talking to my dad the receipt would have said "transmission needs flush" and "PS has leak, replace distributor cap". Yeah. On top of that I took it to a guy in Garner and he said the only thing wrong was the PS leak and he fixed it for a whopping $38. So I saved almost $400 by not letting douchebag #1 in Greenville do anything. Cut to this week. I need new tires. The Colony Tire down here was supposed to order a pair for me last Friday. I called today and douchebag #2 acted like he had no clue what I was talking about and told me I MUST BE MISTAKEN. I don't think so. It got straightened two FEMALE managers at 2 separate CT stores. Now I get my tires. Finally. With no help from douchebag #2. Oh and did I mention that douchebag #3 (the oil change mechanic) forgot to put my oil cap back on and as Toyota's are so good at doing, oil blew all over my engine and stunk to high heaven.
  3. I have some family issues. Now I love my family...all of them...all the crazy, strange, eccentric, emotional, demanding, selfish people (me included obviously) that make up my family. But my LORD I have been frustrated with them lately. I don't know if I'm more upset by the ones that are overemotional and dramatic, by the ones that are nutty and exaggerate things, by the ones that never listen to me b/c well, I'm me, or by the ones that I feel leave my dad stranded to deal with his incredibly demanding, stubborn mother. Regardless, this is probably the most annoyed I've been with my family (extended included) as a whole my entire life. I guess when you get older you notice more. I still love them (all) and would do absolutely ANYTHING (short of kill one of my pets...they're my kids) for them but there's a good chance I will be MIA at the next family reunion. A person can only handle so much and until I'm out of school I think that limit is near.

That being said, I have to study some more for a test that is based on common-sense people-loving hoopla. And then I have to study for another test that isn't. And somewhere in there I have to plan my sister's post-wedding bridal shower. And get my tires replaced. And write some papers. And clean the house. And do my laundry. And finish my incredibly long patient write-up. And walk my dog. And, and, and...

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