Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back east

Today I drove back to Greenville in hopes of getting some studying done before next week. I have several tests to return to and with everything going on in Raleigh I didn't get a chance to do as much as I thought. I managed to get home without being hit by anyone but blew a tire once in Greenville so I'm going to go out on a limb and say my luck is beyond bad (b/c we'll add the tire to the Trojan my computer got a few days ago). I truly believe that cellphones (b/c mine doesn't work half the time), computers (b/c mine is either infected by viruses or randomly closing programs and shutting down), and cars (b/c they're either getting wrecked or needing lots of maintenance) are just not in the cards for me. Technology does not agree with me in any way, shape, or form.

I was hoping that spring break would be a nice break, but unfortunately some things are beyond control and you have to do what you have to do. I didn't get to visit with several people that I had planned on and that was disappointing. However, I think my Grandma is doing a little better and hopefully having a home care nurse will help. I also found out yesterday that Stetson needs a dental (when he didn't one a few months ago) b/c he has gingivitis and receeding gums due to his recent fascination with eating other dogs' poo (and the friendly bacteria that resides in it). Yes, a yummy more mommy kisses.

I did enjoy getting some time with family and I think Stetson really likes having space to run around in. Overall though, the week was a little stressful. I've realized since school started that I do not handle stress well, and I believe my stomach ulcer agrees with that. Thank goodness for tax refunds b/c doggy dentals and new tires can be yet another stressor for someone living off of student loans (raises hand). I'm envious of Alex and Mom and their road trip to Texas this week (granted, I hate cars and have serious anxiety when in one) b/c it's going to be so much more interesting and relaxing than what I have coming up. The upside? Alister will be here in 2 weeks as will Alex's bridal those should be another nice relief from the constant stress!

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