Monday, March 16, 2009

And things that make me...

...go ahhhh (ie the opposite of grrrrr). Okay, I'm trying to balance out my grrrr's from earlier this week, so here goes (and bear with me, I'm an incredibly pessimistic, negative person so not much strikes my fancy)...
  • Stetson's reaction when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk...or to go see Moose
  • A brand new bottle of champagne...or an empty bottle with lots of bubbly in my belly
  • Extra fresh, super tasty sushi...especially with a martini on the side
  • Harrison snoring when his paw is slung over his face
  • Indy lying upside down sound asleep
  • Thunderstorms at the beach during the summer
  • Making it to Raleigh and back without getting hit, blowing a tire, running out of gas, or smushing an animal
  • Studying my butt off and getting good results while "having no life" in the meantime
  • Family reunions sans mental breakdowns or humiliating scenes
  • Cowboy cooking steaks and potatoes over my Dad's fire pit
  • The balance on my credit card steadily decreasing
  • A day without my bastard computer shutting down, locking up, or getting a worm or virus
  • The second I get to see PSODL when one of us gets off the plane after a long break (okay, well they're all kind of long, so every time)
  • Buy 1 get 1 free sales at the grocery store
  • New episodes of LOST
  • A good book
  • Waking up to an absence of cat vomit on the white rugs
  • Christmas morning...for a few minutes my world (and family) is at peace
  • Getting up on water skiis...and then staying up
  • Cantering bareback across a field...and not falling off
  • Cake. Birthday cake. Wedding cake. Funeral cake. Any cake. I love cake.
  • A big plate stacked with fresh seafood
  • No wind in Greenville (have I mentioned that I hate the wind in Greenville?)
  • My family (immediate and extended) in good health

That's all I've got. Being that I'm frustrated (re: family) and stressed (re: school, money) and annoyed (re: my roommate's boyfriend) I'd say I did well coming up with one thing. Maybe one day when I "have a life" again I'll have more exciting things to smile about :-).

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