Friday, February 13, 2009

Taking a breather

Okay, so it's been a long week. I had several tests and papers due and most of the time, I feel like there's not enough hours in the day to accomplish it all and stay sane. Every time I post I say I studied harder than I ever have before...I'm not sure if I can study much more than I have this past week, and if I have to then I'm dropping out and going to med school b/c if I have to learn much more at a time I'm coming out with an MD damnit! Seriously, nursing school is HARD- at least ECU's program is. Everyone I know feels like their life revolves around school and everything else is falling by the wayside. I would have to agree! I'm definitely going to enjoy a glass or two of bubbly (ie champagne) tonight as a brief reward for my hard work...before starting back up again tomorrow.

Luckily, Alister is also in nursing school and although the distance is difficult at time, it seems to be working out okay. We're both doing the same type of things so I can tell him about my patient having a lacunar infarct and he knows what that is and what it means to have to take care of them. We both also stay pretty busy so I don't feel like either of us sit around bored going "I can't believe the other one hasn't called yet!". I do feel a bit envious of Alister though; he was previously an EMT and I think that nursing school in general has been a bit easier for him b/c he's going in with more knowledge. At the very least I wish I had made the effort to get my CNA first so I wouldn't have gone in completely clueless!

As for everything else going on...okay there's not much b/c all I do is study. Alex did come down to visit last weekend and that provided a nice break (although after she left I panicked b/c I hadn't studied for an entire 24 hours...oh no!). I won't be heading home to Raleigh until March for part of my spring break so that's definitely something I'm looking forward to. Who would have thought that I'd go two months without visiting my family??? Proof that I do stay busy down here in windy, windy, ghetto Greenville!

I do get a chance to look at the news in between reading my hugely redundant , heavy textbooks and I just want to say that the people living in this world are whack. Seriously. The news just gets more and more absurd every time I read it; now I know why several of my friends don't even look anymore. Examples? The woman who had 8 babies in addition to her 6 and the fact that she is single, unemployed, and living with her parents. And...she plans on raising the kids off food stamps and student loans. Biological clock with a dead battery aside, I just don't think that's right. Hopefully someone (child services?) will do something about it.

Another crazy story? The 13 year old boy who purposely had a baby with his slightly older girlfriend. I don't know about anyone else, but at 13 I still didn't even like boys. The food industry really must be putting some serious hormones in kid's cereal to make pre-pubescent kids want to have sex and make babies.

There's also the recent article about a court denying some families' compensation for their kids having autism b/c they received their regular child vaccines. Really? You're going to go to court to get money b/c your kid got the unlucky end of the stick? Bad news- vaccines didn't cause your kid to have anything so rather than spending your time in the news why don't you suck it up and attempt to be a better parent? Just my thought. For those reading this, I obviously do not think that vaccines cause autism. I have a lot of information to support that but I am not going into it on this blog!

Another article I had a strong reaction to was the one about the girl in Italy who had been in a vegetative coma for 17 years and the hospitals wouldn't let the dad pull the plug even though he told them that's what she would have wanted. Talk about the opposite of Terry Schiavo. Her dad actually tried to let her go like she wanted and the Italians insisted on keeping her plugged in...for almost 2 decades. I think he finally won the argument but that must have been hell for the poor man.

Oh, and don't get me started on that damn peanut butter factory that KNEW the peanut butter was contaminated and was still releasing it anyways. Grrrrr.

Then there's the less serious silly articles that stick out, like the man that announced he was divorcing his wife via his Facebook status BEFORE he told her. Now that's a way to find out your marriage is ending. Facebook is a great site for keeping up with friends and family but I think some people go a little overboard with it. That being said, I'm going to go check mine before pouring myself a nice glass of bubbly fun.

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