Friday, January 23, 2009


It's Friday night and I am blogging. Some of you may think that makes me lame; I prefer to consider it an age-thing. I'm too old to party like I used to damnit! Speaking of which, I was thinking earlier how relieved I am that I didn't decide to do nursing until now. I've only been in school for two weeks, but it is hard. I'll go out on a limb and say that it's probably going to be the hardest thing I've ever done so far, and because of that, I'm glad I waited until I was older and more "mature" to start it. With the way I partied the first time through college I would have failed out in a semester (you can't get less than a C and continue) and completely wasted a potentially great career track. So despite the fact that I hate being in school all the time, it may end up being the best path for me to have taken in the long run.

Since starting nursing, I have developed more interest in science- and medicine-related news stories; I don't think it's been on purpose, I just think that as I slowly learn more the things I had no clue about gradually begin to make sense when I see them in the "real world". That being said, it is a screwy world out there. The main thing that has brought me to that conclusion tonight (as opposed to every other night I think it) is a story I just read on CNN about a kid that just died from Haemophilus influenzae type b, which is a PREVENTABLE disease. Preventable as in, there is a vaccine for it...GIVE IT! The parents chose not to vaccinate the child and although the article doesn't state exactly why, the assumption is because of all the media coverage concerning vaccines and autism. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, and although I am no doctor, I just want to say...I don't think so buddy. People really just want to find an excuse for everything; the latest being, if you vaccinate your kids, they will develop autism. Instead, expose them to potentially deadly, PREVENTABLE diseases and hope the wonderful healthcare workers at your local hospital can save them. Sigh. Grrrr.

On another health note, there was also an article about a Brazilian model who has had both her hands and feet amputated along with having both kidneys and part of her stomach removed. The cause? She got septicemia following a Urinary Tract Infection (those fun infections where it burns when you pee and you feel like you have to go 24/7). Seriously people, don't take anything lightly. A nosebleed can turn into an anheurysm and a stubbed toe can cause a pulmonary embolism. Be careful! And pray you have good insurance because I'm betting mine wouldn't cover any of that (isn't non-universal overpriced student insurance great?).

Aside from the brief ranting, I was excited to learn today that my sister (Alex) had started her own blog. I actually enjoy reading other people's blogs and definitely look forward to seeing what she shares. I shouldn't even be on the internet surfing with all of the PILES of work I need to do, but the breaks are what keep me going. For now...

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