Thursday, January 29, 2009

Procrastination is my specialty

I should be reading right now but really, I just don't feel like it. All I have been doing for 3 weeks is reading. I think I've read more textbook information in 3 weeks than I did my entire college career. Dead serious. It never ends! And people aren't kidding when they say nursing school takes up all of your time; I eat, sleep, go to class, and read. My poor pets probably feel abandoned despite the fact that they get to sleep on a king size bed with pillows and fleece throws. I actually go to the library now. I didn't even know where the ECU library was when I was on main campus and I think I went to the NCSU one once, maybe twice. The one at the nursing school is surprisingly nice. Very large, very new, very clean, and very quiet. It's amazing what one can get done without a dog shoving his head into your lap every 5 minutes or the temptation of a computer sitting nearby and a kitchen filled with food downstairs!

So yeah, school has been hard. I've felt tired constantly for several weeks now. I'm hoping it's just a reaction to the change in schedule but if it's not better in a few more weeks I might have to drag myself over to the trusty student health center. Speaking of which, I went over there yesterday to get a deep tissue massage b/c my back is still hurting from the car accident. I've been to massage therapists before and always left thinking they sucked. I discovered the issue yesterday; I don't get bad massages, I just don't like strange people touching me, especially my bare skin. No matter how good the massage person is, it gradually creeps me out more and more. I left yesterday with more relaxed muscles but feeling all dirty and in desperate need of a shower. I was okay the first 30 minutes but the second 30 minutes were almost excruciating to endure. The more the guy touched me the more I just wanted to jump off the table and run. I guess that means Alister better hone up on his massage techniques b/c stress and the accident definitely keep my back hurting these days!

Aside from the above, nothing even remotely interesting has happened since the last post. I am anxiously awaiting the grade of my first pathophysiology exam and trying my hardest to avoid doing any more schoolwork tonight (which just means I'll be in the library all weekend again). I need to watch LOST online and catch up on last night's show but that will just have to wait too. Oh, and I'll keep missing my PSODL...but that's nothing new.

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