Friday, December 5, 2008

Why not?

I have a blog. I have no idea why, but so many people I know have one so I figured why not? I have no clue what to write about, and although people have always told me I tell great stories, when I'm actually pressured to put one down in writing it

Aside from the intense story telling brain farting, my life is really not all that interesting. I go to work,come home, walk the dog, care for the pets, cook dinner, go to bed, and repeat. Occasionally I'll sneak something exciting going out for sushi (ooooo, ahhhhh!) or sucking up my newly acquired cheapskateness and paying to see a movie in the theater (Seriously? $8 to see a 2 hour movie???), but in general life is very routine. I'm hoping that will change once I start nursing school, but in lieu of being a pessimist, I'm not letting those hopes get too high.

Surprisingly there have been a few mildly interesting events that have occurred recently. The most exciting is my youngest sister not only getting engaged last month, but actually planning to get married...this month. So much for long engagements! I'm very happy for her though, and I think she found herself a good one...and I won't even deny the fact that her wedding taking place in Key West in the middle of the winter doesn't help but add to the good news!

On a less happy note, my car- yes, the multicolored ghetto Honda- was totalled last weekend by a...wait for it...bad driver! Who woulda thunkit? The best part? He tried persistently to blame it on me. Unfortunately for him, in America, if you pull out in front of someone who has the right of way while you have a stop sign AND flashing red light, it's considered your fault. Crazy stuff, I know. Luckily there were no injuries other than some muscle pains from the seat belt and more importantly (to me anyways) my dog was completely unharmed. He's my kid; I can't help it. And to top it all off, his insurance company is actually paying me a fair amount MORE than what I paid for the car in the first place. An agreeable insurance company? That's a first. So again I begin the search for yet another car. Maybe the next one will survive longer than the last one.

That's about it. A wedding, tropical vacation, and totalled car. Things could definitely be worse.

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