Thursday, December 11, 2008

Opinion on Infertility

I have always been known as a strongly opinionated person, and unfortunately, my opinions tend to not run alongside the people around me. Before I go any further, let me just point out that I had an awesome childhood; I spent a large amount of time playing outdoors, had plenty of close friends in my neighborhood, went to good schools, and was blessed to grow up in a very loving and supportive family. The only reason I felt the need to point that out is because of all the over psychoanalyzing that people do when someone doesn’t fit into the mainstream’s mold of thinking. I had a great childhood- I swear!

Anyways, the point of bringing this up is because I recently read a short article (again, on The Frisky) about a woman who paid over $100,000 to have another woman surrogate her child. Now, I’m not going to judge her, because maybe her intentions were completely unselfish, but I am not a fan of ANY kind of fertility assistance including surrogacy. Although I’m not a hugely religious nor scientific person, I have always thought that infertility (including inability to maintain a pregnancy) was nature’s way of keeping a balance in the world and God’s way of saying you should adopt. Unfortunately, science has given women the opportunity to have kids even when all of the other signs are saying stop. I’m sure there are many good and respectable reasons to pay thousands of dollars to force a woman’s body into having and/or carrying a child, but I personally cannot think of any off the top of my head. Then again, I would never consider paying more for a laboratory assisted pregnancy than for a house or luxury car when I could just adopt; or even better, have a few dogs and horses.

I’m guessing some people reading this will have picked up the slight consistency of one specific word in here: adopt. I am definitely an advocate of adoption (yay Angelina Jolie) because, in a slightly twisted way, I think of homeless kids kind of like I think about homeless pets. They need love, affection, attention, and a chance at life just like anyone or anything else. Granted, adopting a child is a lot riskier than adopting a dog b/c you have no clue what unknown expensive problems hide within their DNA, but at the end of the day they’re still a human being that needs caring for just like anyone else. And besides, why do people think their genes are so awesome that it would warrant paying oodles of money to make their own baby? Unless you have the mind of Einstein and body of a Victoria’s Secret model, I would reconsider!

On another note, I do not judge people that go through extreme and expensive measures to have their own child; I just personally would never even consider that as an option. Then again, I don’t want to have children. Yes, I know I may change my mind. Yes, I know people change their mind all of the time. Yes, I know I’m still young. Yes, I know my biological clock may get some batteries in my thirties. Yes, I know every argument under the sun for why a healthy young female should not rule out reproducing in her future. Despite the arguments for having one, I have various reasons for not wanting to bring a child into this world, and although people have and will judge me for my decision, I just want to remind those same people that I don’t judge you for your decisions. Besides, I’m counting on my baby sister to pop out a few cute ones for me to spoil and then send home at the end of the day…I’m looking forward to being the cool Auntie with all the ponies to ride.

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