Thursday, December 11, 2008

30 Things Women Love That Men Don't Understand

I had to add this one on here; yet another article from The Frisky. It's called "30 Things Women Love That Men Don't Understand" (just in case anyone reading this missed the quite obvious title at the top). My comments are to the side...b/c as a previous post stated, I have an opinion about all sorts of things.

1. Drunk online shopping (Never done this so I don't understand it either)
2. Trapeze dresses (I don't understand those either unless you're trying to look preggers)
3. Having a good cry (It's as stress relieving as an orgasm...except your eyes feel really sore afterwards)
4. Dark nail polish (I'm lost on this one's just not...pretty...)
5. Reality TV dating shows (I like to gawk at other people's desperation for a date- The Bachelor/Bachelorette is the best)
6. Brunch
7. Constantly changing one’s Facebook status (In my defense, guys do it too!)
8. Frozen yogurt (Not a fan...I prefer some nice, tasty, extremely unhealthy Coldstone or Ben and Jerry's)
9. Gossiping—about real life people we know, don’t know, or only know through magazines, TV, and movies
10. Cooing over adorable pictures of baby animals (B/c they're ADORABLE!)
11. Sexless cotton brief underwear (B/c they're comfortable! And I've reached an age where confort trumps sexiness)
12. The Swiffer (Every guy I know that cleans has a Swiffer)
13. “Twilight” (I don't understand this one either but I can't lie; I'm addicted)
14. The music of Beyonce, Chris Brown, and Madonna
15. Musicals (Sometimes you need a good balance in life...and it's relaxing to be able to walk around and hum something from Fiddler on the Roof)
16. Short haircuts (B/c hair is a pain in the ass to keep up with- sometimes it's ncoe to just whack it all off)
17. Chuck Bass (I definitely don't think he's sexy but he's one rich badass)
18. Shopping during a crisis (BAD idea!)
19. Multiple bed pillows (Most guys I know use more pillows than I don't know about this one either)
20. Girly drinks (Most guys I know secretly like girly drinks)
21. $50 scented candles
22. Movies starring and/or produced by Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon
23. Men who appear dirty and grimy, but are actually totally hot, i.e. Robert Pattinson, Justin Bobby, etc. (Dirty and grimy is hot)
24. Michael Cera (I'm behind...who is this???)
25. Miniatures
26. Astrology (Incredibly inaccurate unless you're good at finding a link or connection between anything)
27. Collecting magazines (B/c when you're in the bathroom reading it doesn't matter if you've read it 10 times...and pictures are always entertaining...and mindless)
28. Dancing (I hate dancing so who knows?)
29. Jeans tucked into boots (I LOVE my jeans tucked into boots; and I've never heard a guy complain!)
30. Foreplay (That tends to be overrated)

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