Thursday, December 11, 2008

30 Things Men Love That Woman Don't Understand

...and as a follow-up to the previous post, the other part of the list: things men love that women don't understand. Once again, from The Frisky (and once again, with my small bit of commentary on the side).

1. Crotch grabbing
2. AC/DC (What??? I love AC/DC!)
3. Skid marks
4. Nascar (Well I like really attractive NASCAR David Ragan)
5. Fake breasts (I would love some so I won't dare complain about them)
6. Scars
7. Car shows
8. The WWE
9. Fart jokes (I don't care how old I get; farts are hilarious to me)
10. Titty-twisters (I don't like them being done to me but I think it's entertaining when Alex does them to someone else)
11. Sports bars
12. Mowing the lawn/washing the car (Mowing the lawn is relaxing...washing the car not so much)
13. Collecting weapons (Gimme guns! Big loud ones!)
14. Explosions/Fire (Okay not a fan of explosions but I like playing with fire)
15. Pimping out their sound system
16. Paris Hilton (And in Alister's case, with her new BFF's)
17. Taking long poops (I don't know anyone- man or woman- who doesn't enjoy this at some time or another)
18. Listening to everything at a really high volume
19. Videogames (Bring on the Wii...or Playstation...or some good old Mario Kart on Nintendo 64)
20. ”Ninja Warrior”
21. Martial arts movies
22. Classic rock (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT)
23. Dimeslots
24. Fantasy Football and Baseball
25. Anal sex (My mom reads this so no comment)
26. Any movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme or Sylvester Stallone (True- can't stand either of them)
27. Chicken wings (Depends on where they're from; I don't care what any guy says, Hooters wings are horrible...and their beer is warm)
28. Watches/time pieces
29. Ribs (Drool)
30. Binoculars

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